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What should you expect during treatment?



During your first visit, you will fill out a health questionnaire and discuss your ailments with the doctor. Then the doctor will perform a comprehensive examination and history to assess your condition and devise a treatment plan tailored to you. In some situations, the doctor may request to take an x-ray to get the best look at the problem areas.


Your treatment plan will consist of adjustments to the spine. The doctor utilizes a variety of techniques which help to restore motion to the spine in areas that have lost motion and are not functioning correctly. In some cases, the doctor may use manual muscle techniques that help to make the musculature in the back, neck and extremities function more efficiently. Therapeutic modalities, such as ultrasound, may be appropriate in some cases to aid in the healing process and will be used as needed to help decrease inflammation and swelling from injuries.

Dr. Christopher E. Sitarski, DC - St. Charles Chiropractor

Dr. Christopher E. Sitarski, DC


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